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Jay Roff-Garcia, Portón/Gate
Jay Roff-Garcia, Portón/Gate

Jay Roff-Garcia, Portón/Gate


Projection, Fabric, Metal Ring, Fishing Net, Fishing Line, and Sound
Variable size and installation, shipping will be invoiced after purchase. Please contact us for more information.


These days, we’re consistently hearing about how we’re living in a “new world” - but what does that mean? 

In what ways has our reality shifted, our planet, our universe, our interior world, even our direct surroundings? An individual’s new world could be as simple as the space they inhabit, or perhaps a new city, state, or country. Or is this new world something undulating and shifting under the surface, a vague change that is hard to pinpoint but pervasive? 

What would a new world that we want to live in look like? What landscapes would it have, what color is the sky? When our world is used up, where will we go? Is a better world possible?