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Austin Chronicle Recommended Opening

Albuquerque-based artist Beedallo utilizes bold colors and startling imagery in their paintings, many of which depict animals, humans, and religious figures in various states of distress. Their current show, “Ex Voto,” takes up the Recspec Gallery’s new Annex, created for “our artists to explore space and transform a simple shipping container into an entirely different dimension,” the gallery states. Within the container walls, Beedallo’s art digs into the urge to pray even without specific religious faith. “An Ex Voto is made as an offering to a saint or to God,” their artist’s statement reads. “This is often a work in the image of what needs to be fixed.” After the show’s opening date, it’ll run the next three Saturdays in April. – James Scott


VisitAustin.com - What Do You Love Most in ATX? Feature

Who knows Austin best? Locals! So we went to the artists, musicians and chefs that call our town home to ask, "what do you love most in ATX?"⁠ Every few weeks we'll share their favorite spots to eat and unwind. Today's favorites are from local artist Emily Eisenhart (@emily.eisenhart). Save this post to add to your next Austin itinerary.⁠

Favorite Up-and-Coming Gallery: Mass Gallery and Recspec


Three More for the Studio Tour Score - Austin Chronicle

Recspec Gallery is one of our city’s best showcases of local and ultralocal creativity...

Review: "Through the Dusk, a Light" at Recspec Gallery

Gratovich continues to explore a many-peopled mythos to excellent effect, her suites of figures resembling, if one must offer a comparative description in words alone, some ongoing series of expressive Matryoshka dolls designed by Hayao Miyazaki on commission from God. You know?


Review: "Demons & Devils" at Recspec Gallery

Because we could all use a little more aesthetic exorcising, couldn't we?


Review: "Exquisite Corpse" at Recspec Gallery

Recspec Gallery is also commemorating this inevitable death before its next incarnation. Recspec is staging a final show, "Exquisite Corpse," by inviting many of the artists who have shown within its intimate walls to turn those very walls into art, covering the floor-to-ceiling verticals with their powerful flourishes of pigment and pattern, making a myriad marks destined to be destroyed.

Big, gorgeous, eye-popping creations comprising the most exquisite corpse since, uh, since Liberace's funeral, we're guessing.

Would that all our ends were so lovely.


Austin Critics Table Awards 2018-2019 Nomination

Group Gallery Exhibition, WITCHES


Austin Chronicle's 2018 Arts Top 10s

"WITCHES" (Recspec Gallery) Toss this art show in the water, it's gonna float; burn it at the stake, it's Phoenix time, baby. Laurel Barickman of Recspec Gallery and Katie Cowden curated up a distaff array of originals and prints from all over, objects with enough graphic puissance to make Elizabeth Southerns smile in her grave. – Wayne Alan Brenner


Review: "The Indigo Show" at Recspec Gallery

"Really, though, the color needs no adjective. Indigo alone implies all that it needs to, and so "The Indigo Show" is perfectly concise and perfectly timed. In late August, when the air is thick and stifling and time stretches like a heat mirage, I can think of little more appealing than a cool room with beautiful objects and pools, or thimblefuls, of indigo." – Melany Jean

Fields Magazine in review: Lindsay Eyth, "Self-Defense"

"Eyth’s talent lies in the perfection of her execution: a delicate, sheer pink guillotine with a glittering chain, or a cute cat keychain capable of puncturing your jugular." –  Sean Redmond

Review: "Ex Libris" at Recspec Gallery

"This collection of new and vintage bookplates papers up a visual library of odd beauty... There could be an exhibition featuring bookplates in any visual arts venue and it would work just fine – if the selection were as diverse and interesting as this one at Recspec Gallery." – Wayne Allen Brenner


Review: “18+” at Recspec Gallery

"The gathering of one or two pieces from so many artists has the effect of a peep show, a recurring thrill at the flourishes of so many minds tackling a theme. ...Medieval Latin texts commonly concluded with the word "explicit" meaning, most literally, "the book is unrolled," a sort of "The End." Moving throughout "18+" is not so conclusive – there is no consummation here, only the initial sparks of small, repeated peeps – perhaps the inverse "incipit" or "here begins ..." would be more appropriate." – Melany Jean


The California Sunday Magazine: Streets Like These – Xochi Solis, Austin

"Recspec is another new art space, in the Flatbed Press complex—I think they’re doing something really cool. It’s woman-owned, with a gallery space and a little shop, and she’ll do collaborations with the printmakers who are based in the same building. It creates this linchpin of artists in Austin working together."

Photo by Chantal Anderson


Sightlines: Eva Claycomb: “Last Time” at Recspec Gallery

"Her works are, no doubt, meant to be enjoyed and studied by both those within and outside of a crumbling ecology. The real wonder of Claycomb’s art is her combination of such deep darknesses with the humor and peace provided by distant perspective. There is a sense that we, all humanity, is just along for the ride, and that’s okay." – Seth Orion Schwaiger


Don't Take Pictures: Photography Across the Country

"Recspec Gallery showed the sensual work of Christa Blackwood. Some of Blackwood’s work, printed on rice paper, suggested intimacy and touch, whereas others, platinum on vellum, positively glowed. Her images are pristine, her subjects beautiful and alluring." – Roger Thompson


Sightlines: Our Picks for Print Austin 2018


Top 10 Fresh Takes in the Arts of 2017

"The design agency ventured into a new arena with its opening of the exhibition and retail space in the Flatbed building, and right from the opening it has delivered with delightful collections and wares."


Recspec Gallery's The Eyes Have It (Review) 

" For 10 years, Recspec's offerings in Austin have been primarily the output of its design studio. But Sept. 15 marked the addition of a new contribution from the creative firm: Recspec Gallery. Set in the back of the Flatbed Press building, the gallery is debuting with "The Eyes Have It," a group show with some 15 artists taking on the launch theme and gallery logo: the eye.

The gallery’s inaugural show fills the room with eyes, both good and evil, as well as visual riddles and calisthenics. 
Stop by the captivating new space and lock eyes with these and other pieces. All staring contests guaranteed losses." – Melany Jean 


Recspec Gallery Grand Opening: The Eyes Have It (Featured Recommendation)

"...will knock you on your aesthetic ass in the best way possible. Recommended."





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