3600 Lyons Road, Austin, Texas 78744

Some Saturdays from 12-4pm

New Worlds

What would a new world that we want to live in look like? What landscapes would it have, what color is the sky? When our world is used up, where will we go? Is a better world possible?

Closing Saturday, May 18th from 12-4pm at the Museum of Human Achievement

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Eva Davis - My Mothers

How many ways have my grandmothers mothered? How many times has my mother and her mother and so on also wondered what type of mother they would be? This is My Mothers, a handcut collage series made from a variety of paper types, paint types, laces, and infused with tears, laughter, and bodily changes, infused with hope, with fear, potentiality, love, wonder, with street trash and personal symbols and magazine paper, too.

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Recspec Gallery Annex

Recspec Gallery Annex is a new project and project space exploring the possibilities of artist installations in unconventional spaces. For 2024 (and possibly beyond), this space will exist as a shipping container in a dirt parking lot you’ve possibly driven by countless times on the east side of Austin, Texas, USA. If you haven’t driven by this particular shipping container, you’ve driven by many like it.

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