3600 Lyons Road, Austin, Texas 78744

Some Saturdays from 12-4pm

Moving Picture

A showcase of experimental shorts, video art and non-narrative film, hosted and located at the MoHA Drive-In on October 7th

This show is now available to view on Youtube! Not every film from the in-person event is available online, but most of them are and we're so excited to share them with you. Check the the link below. Enjoy the show!

 The drive-in is the quintessential "all-American" venue for movies as entertainment, complete with popcorn and make-out sessions, but what happens when we strip away the traditional and revel in the unexpected?
Colors, lights and feelings flash across windshields and retinas... perhaps it's more about the experience itself than a specific story being told. Perhaps the story is the experience. What happens when a drive-in becomes an art gallery — where visitors watch moving artworks from their cars or under the night sky? What weirdness awaits?
Featuring work by: 
Rosalie Anderson
Emily Basma
Charlie B-E
Christa Blackwood
Holly Bobisuthi
Henna Chou
Aaron deGruyter
David Escamilla Jr.
Jay-Roff Garcia
Emerson Granillo
Gigi Grinstad
Thor Harris
Zola Kell
Janina Larenas
Sandison Montgomery
Sean Muldrow
Lee Noble
Eric Redpath
Parker Shatkin
Tara Sinn
TIffany K. Smith
Hannah Rose & Anj Sunday
Rachel Stuckey
Lindsey Taylor
Wiley Wiggins