3600 Lyons Road, Austin, Texas 78744

Some Saturdays from 12-4pm


Recspec Gallery Annex is a new project and project space exploring the possibilities of artist installations in unconventional spaces. For 2024 (and possibly beyond), this space will exist as a shipping container in a dirt parking lot you’ve possibly driven by countless times on the east side of Austin, Texas, USA. If you haven’t driven by this particular shipping container, you’ve driven by many like it.

Four artists will transform this space throughout the year into an immersive, all-encompassing art experience, each fully unique and driven by their work and their vision of three-dimensional space and what it can transform into.

Follow along with this experiment by watching this page, on instagram and via our newsletter where you can learn about upcoming dates and artists, and more details on how you can find us out in the world. 
Annex #1: Beedallo – Ex Voto
Annex #2: Wiley Wiggins - Didaktik Gama
Annex #3: Lindsey Verrill
Annex #4: Cooper McBean
Located in the second blue shipping container to the right of The Museum of Human Achievement, located at 3600 Lyons Rd, Austin, Texas 78702.