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Some Saturdays from 12-4pm

Annie Alonzi, Lovebomb
Annie Alonzi, Lovebomb

Annie Alonzi, Lovebomb


Ball point pen, ink/dip pen, blue print on mylar, wood, string, glue

18" W X 78" H 

Please note - due to the variable shapes of these works, the cost of shipping will be invoiced after purchase. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate. If you need any further information about the length of the tail, materials, or other aspects of the kite, contact us.


About the show:

It's summer in Texas. Heat waves rise off the pavement and the earth has become parched. In the distance through scattered clouds a swarm suddenly appears... are they UFOs? What is it that draws near? Distinct shapes form and sway into view. It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's.... KITE ABOMINATION

Our artists have taken a beloved childhood form of entertainment and transform them into something entirely new... Will they be beautiful? Will they be twisted? Will they even fly? As the heat bears down upon our city so shall the kites. BEWARE! KITE ABOMINATION IS HERE!