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Eva Davis, Mother and Child 1

Eva Davis, Mother and Child 1


Printed on luster paper. Comes prematted. 


Shipping is included in the cost of the print.


Eva Davis (she/her) is a mixed media and paper collage artist currently living in Portland, OR. Her work often includes hand cut and torn paper and she also enjoys including mediums like inks and acrylic paint. She uses a variety of magazine, book, vintage, and found paper. Eva finds inspiration in science fiction, reimagining the future via Afrofuturism, watching movies that make her feel weird, romanticism, and pop culture.

My Mothers, 2024, a handcut collage series.

How many ways have my grandmothers mothered? How many times has my mother and her mother and so on also wondered what type of mother they would be? This is My Mothers, a handcut collage series made from a variety of paper types, paint types, laces, and infused with tears, laughter, and bodily changes, infused with hope, with fear, potentiality, love, wonder, with street trash and personal symbols and magazine paper, too.