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Holly Bobisuthi, Moon Ring

Holly Bobisuthi, Moon Ring


Brass, Silver
Ring Size 9

Artist Statement: 

“Attentive Interactions in the Sentient World”

There is an intimacy to domestic objects. Every day items through continued use and interaction can take on a sense of internal purpose. A favorite necklace can attain the power of a rosary through daily wear. Grandmothers cast-iron can teach you how to make her cornbread. After all isn’t the bishops mantle just a fancy scarf?

Spiritual matters are seen as disconnected from the material world while utility is defined as pure function, without aesthetic or emotional value. These two ideas would seem to be in direct opposition. However when we began to connect with the world as a living entity larger than ourselves, something we are a small part of, we can begin to see the spirit in ordinary objects and to appreciate the importance of the the sensual world to our human lives. The sound, feeling and appearance of an object is as important as the function . We live in a world of physicality and engaging all our senses can open us to experiences greater than ourselves. Perhaps by de-centering humanity from our perception of the universe we could more fully experience the link between matter and spirit.