3600 Lyons Road, Austin, Texas 78744

Some Saturdays from 12-4pm

Vy Ngo – Dreamscapes


Closing Reception October 6th – 12-5pm 
Artist talk at 3pm

New works by Austin, Texas based abstract artist Vy Ngo

With a future that feels so uncertain for many, “Dreamscapes” is a show about how our historical past and memories can shift with time and emotionality into a world unrecognizable even to ourselves. Through exploring the depths and layers of those unfamiliar landscapes, it gives hope in discovering the evanescent beauty of all things and that focusing on the present moment will only bring more infinite possibilities.


2832 East Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Austin, Texas 78702
(Inside Flatbed Press and Gallery)


Vy Ngo is an Austin based visual artist who draws influences from her life as a Vietnamese American, reflections on the human condition and various cultures, the study of neuroscience, and her children. Her work is a constant pendulum between order and chaos, control and freedom, the recognizable and the intangible, scientific thought and creative intuition, cultural identity and self-realization. With layers upon layers of color, movement, and markings, her process is a journey of intrigue and discovery, resulting in the paintings becoming poetic, modern, and dynamic.