3600 Lyons Road, Austin, Texas 78744

Some Saturdays from 12-4pm

The Nude Show

Group Show
Curated by Holly Bobisuthi
at The Museum of Human Achievement
3600 Lyons Rd, Austin, Texas
Opening Friday, August 16th, 5-9pm
with performances by Henna Chou and Alexa Capareda Cocktails provided by Deep Eddy Vodka
Open Hours: 
Saturday August 17th, 12-4pm
Friday, August 23rd, 5-7pm
Saturday, August 24th, 12-4pm
Closing Friday, August 30th from 5-9pm
Nude, as a color, is all encompassing. Despite being a descriptor of all flesh nude, as a color, it can be frightfully alienating. While the cultural perception of nude is finally, slowly, glacially even, beginning to shift away from the upsetting pinky beige of bandaid & crayon box infamy, to say nude is to perceive a color through the mesh of cultural preconception. 


Featuring work by
Angel Oloshove (Houston, TX)
Ari Daoheuang (Oakland, CA)
Ava Goldberg (Denver, CO)
Chiraag Bhakta (San Francisco, CA)
Christa Blackwood (Austin, TX)
Daniel Crook (Los Angeles, CA)
Emerson Granillo (Providence, RI)
Gina M. Contreras (San Francisco, CA)
Hunter Saxony III (Bay Area, CA)
Jinni J. (Austin, TX)
Karen Navarro (Houston, TX)
Llane Alexis (San Francisco, CA)
Leika (Austin, TX)
Margaux Crump (Houston, TX)
Regina Dejiménez (Spain) 
RF. Alvarez (Austin, TX)



This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.