3600 Lyons Road, Austin, Texas 78744

Some Saturdays from 12-4pm


Group Show

A look at bodies, eroticism, and sexuality from the perspective of
23 women and non-binary artists. 

On view through March 10th

Joanne Leah, Sugar Smell

Featuring work by

Abi Daniel (Austin, TX)
Amy Earles (Indianapolis, IN)
Annalise Gratovich (Austin, TX)
Annie Alonzi (Austin, TX)
Beth Schindler & Lex Vaughn (Austin, TX)
Bronwyn Walls (New Orleans, LA)
Christa Blackwood (Austin, TX)
Drew Riley (Austin, TX)
Hannah Neal (Austin, TX)
Holly Bobisuthi (Oakland, CA)
Inés Estrada (San Antonio, TX)
Jennifer Pate (Austin, TX)
Joanne Leah (New York, NY)
Katie Skelly (New York, NY)
Lindsay Watson (Portland, OR)
Lindsey Taylor (Austin, TX)
Mattie Hinkley (California)
Nomi Chi (Vancouver, Canada)
Onnie O'Leary (NSW, Australia)
Polly Morwood (Austin, TX)
Sally Chung (Los Angeles, CA)
Tallulah Fontaine (Toronto, Canada)
Urzulka (Austin, TX)
Vy Ngo (Austin, TX)