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Quarantine Drawings Bandana, Adrian Landon Brooks

Quarantine Drawings Bandana, Adrian Landon Brooks


Silkscreened Bandana, printed by Fine Southern Gentlemen, Cotton

22 X 22" 


Statement from the artist:  The pandemic and subsequent quarantine was an emotional rollercoaster for my family and the world at large.  I am immensely grateful we have all remained healthy but the mental and emotional stress was overwhelming most days. I woke up everyday surveying my families health and tirelessly worrying about my five year old daughter. All shows , murals and commissions were canceled so I was left in this temporary state of limbo in almost all areas of my life. I found it too hard to focus for long enough to invest in painting so I decided drawing would be a way to take care of my self spiritually and emotionally. I am generally a mess if I’m not creating in some capacity so making drawings gave me some freedom to let loose stylistically and mentally. These drawings are about relying on your family and community to preserve  through a common struggle.