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Dimly Lit Chicago by R. Lee Dockery
Dimly Lit Chicago by R. Lee Dockery

Dimly Lit Chicago by R. Lee Dockery


Dimly lit chicago was created using an entire roll of portra 400 color film. The technique used involves advancing the film halfway instead of fully advancing to the next frame creating a panorama and collage hybrid. All photos were taken in the lobby of the Hilton Chicago ohare.

Panoramic photographic zine by R. Lee Dockery. 5 X 5" folded, unfolds to 5 X 60".


R. Lee Dockery is a photographic artist currently residing in Austin, Texas. With an emphasis on abstract portraiture Lee has spent the last 2 years learning a variety of alternative processes and the darkroom work he produces has more to do with experimentation than perfection. Chromoskedasic sabattier, Mordencage and solarization are used to coax colors, patterns and depth out of silver gelatin prints and build an additional connection between artist and subject.  Lee's work is a unique blend of the earthly and celestial, simultaneously surrealist while firmly rooted in tradition.