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The Nude Show Artist Statements

Emerson Granillo

Is "face" something innate, that comes from within? Or is it the result of expectations and assumptions from outward? outside oneself? I am fascinated by the concept of perception, the "face" you show and the contrast in how that "face" is interpreted by those around you, both familiar to you and otherwise.

Becoming aware of the social construct around me, it has made it hard to fully explore and break boundaries. Always having to make face due to the fear that face is only on loan from society and could be withdrawn unless I act what society deems worthy.

With my performances, I give myself permission to explore without the fear of making mistakes and embracing them. I am giving myself permission to be the immigrant who has adapted into the American culture as well as the Guatemalan who has adapted to be Latino.


Regina Dejiménez

My work is interdisciplinary moving in between the limits of sculpture, clothing as well as photography and giant fiber art pieces.

My creations are a combination between high end couture and artisanal combining the delicate work with string with a creative process similar to abstract expressionism, full of play and randomness.

Aesthetically, I get inspired by various states of the organic world and of nature and cultural diversity. Fluctuating between an imaginary gaze and intimate perceptions.

Currently I am working on a investigative project called “Skins". This project aims to reflect the vision of the fabric as a surface that connects everypart of the reality, from the visceral, the epidermis, the fabric as a material, the relationships and overall life in our planet.


Hunter Saxony III is a Bay Area based African American Calligraper and installation artist.

Saxony III is interested in reimagining classical calligraphy troupes with modern influences. Thus balancing the Old and the New World with cathartic mark making and personal narratives.


RF Alvarez

In Greek mythology, Prometheus molded mankind from water and earth. The Sumerians believe we were made of clay and blood. So did the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Incans. The Qur'an states we're formed of clay, as do Hindu texts. And according to Genesis 2:7, "...the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

This concept that we are of the earth, tied to it, formed of it, spans cultures and civilizations. In that sense, it feels intrinsic to our understanding of ourselves as humans. Something deeper than skin level. And in these works, I explore the colors of the earth as a variation on the theme of "nude." Terra cotta red, earthenware green. Clay begets clay. We are vessels for our own continuance.