2832 East MLK Jr BLVD

Austin, Texas 78702

Saturdays 12-4, for exhibitions, or by appointment


Group Show
Curated by Holly Bobisuthi
Opening Saturday, July 21st, 5-8pm
On view through September 8th
Indigo is a spectrum, a transformation, a transition, a contradiction, a green plant that makes blues. The color of both day and night. The pale blue of high noon sky over Texas and the almost-black blue of the deep Pacific Ocean.

Featuring work by

Aaron Flynn (Austin, TX)
Annie Alonzi
 (Austin, TX)
Courtney Cerruti (Oakland, CA)
Hallie Rose Taylor (Austin, TX)
Heather Oelklaus (Colorado Springs, CO)
Heather Sundquist Hall (Austin, TX)
Jeffrey Dell (Austin, TX)
Jenn Lamb (Ojai, CA)
Lilah Shepherd (Tyler, TX)
Mary Grisey (Ojai, CA)
Mason McFee (Austin, TX)
Neon Zinn (New Orleans, LA)
Ricketts Indigo (Bloomington, IN)
Shannon Danielle Taylor (Oakland, CA)
Veronica Jaeger (Austin, TX)
Xochi Solis (Austin, TX)