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Call For Artists: Moving Picture at Unpaved Paradise Drive-In

Hello all, 

If you're viewing this page, I'd love to invite you to be a part of the next Recspec Gallery group show. Moving Picture is a showcase of experimental shorts, video art and non-narrative film, hosted and located at Unpaved Paradise Drive-In on October 7th. After the opening, we hope to place all of the works on our Youtube channel to be viewed online. 
The drive-in is the quintessential "all-American" venue for movies as entertainment, complete with popcorn and makeout sessions, but what happens when we strip away the traditional trappings and show the unexpected? We're drawn to the idea of presenting moving artworks in this unusual setting: colors, lights and feelings flash across windshields and retinas... perhaps it's more about the experience itself than a specific story being told. Perhaps the story is the experience. What happens when a drive-in becomes an art gallery — where visitors watch artworks from their cars or under the night sky? What weirdness awaits? Well, that’s up to you.
Please respond by emailing gallery@recspec.co by Thursday, August 31st at the latest (preferably earlier) to confirm you will be a part of the show. We understand that film/animation/video art is a time consuming endeavor and wish to support you in whatever you want to create, so reach out with any resources or support we can give you. We also know that a lot of you don't normally work in video/animation, but we're hoping to push the envelope and allow for expression in this new medium and are open to different approaches to the concept of a "moving picture". 
Here are our loose guidelines, but we are flexible on pretty much anything below: 
  • We prefer non-narrative works for this as we are specifically trying to to flip the concept of the drive-in into something more abstract. What does non-narrative mean? For our purposes, it's fine if your work has a story, but we prefer it to be shown instead of told. The less dialog the better. 
  • You are welcome to present work that has previously been shown and is already completed. In the future, with more lead time (and if we do this again), we may ask for only original works - but for this show existing works are also welcome. 
  • Minimum time: 15 seconds. Maximum length: 15 minutes. Please reach out if your work is shorter or longer and we can discuss. (Just a note - we might have to limit longer pieces so if you do think you'll be pushing 15 minutes, please let us know.) 
  • Please submit your work as an MP4 file with audio included. This will speed up our process for compiling all of the programming. If you need technical assistance, we can help! 
  • Please note: the works at this show will not be for sale. This is a purely creative and non-commercial endeavor. The show will be free to all. 
  • And finally, your pieces will be due NO LATER than September 29th, to give us an appropriate amount of time to set up the show. 

Questions, comments, ideas? Please reach out! Do you know someone who this call should go out to? Send them our way! 
Thanks, as always, for your interest. trust, and your participation, 
Laurel Barickman
Gallerist, Recspec Gallery