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Christopher Payne, Untitled 1
Christopher Payne, Untitled 1

Christopher Payne, Untitled 1


Ink and gold leaf on paper
8.5 X 12"

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Statement from the artist:
The pieces I included in this show were inspired by both solitude and the American southwest––two things I find to be both brutal and beautiful. I wanted the contrast within these pieces to echo that feeling. Spending so much time alone over the past couple of years has allowed me time for self-reflection and growth, but also felt very isolating and detrimental at times. I've spent a lot of time thinking about my roots––growing up in the Mojave desert and summering in Southern Colorado/Northern New Mexico as a kid. Something about that landscape has always felt sacred to me. It's hard to forget the starkness of a desert sunset, a sky filled with stars, or the flowers that blanket the landscape in spring. As the human race edges towards its extinction, I've found it helpful to appreciate the small things, these ecosystems, and the value of spending time both with others and just my thoughts.

This piece is a part of the Skulls & Bones Virtual Group Show. All pieces will be shipped directly from the artists, and we will notify you once they have shipped.